Egglo Entertainment (Crew Review)

Egglo Review

Egglo Review
Trying to find a way to include Jesus in your Easter celebration?  We recently had the chance to review a line of products from Egglo Entertainment that are designed to bring the message that Jesus is the Light of the World into Easter Egg hunts.  I received The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure, a book about three children who go on an adventure and discover the true meaning of Easter, and Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs, and even though we were using them before the Easter season, they were a big hit in our house.  After all, hunting for glow-in-the-dark eggs is fun no matter when you do it!  (And since our family usually try to keep egg-related activities separate from Resurrection Sunday, it worked especially well for us to use these now.)

There are several products available for purchase on the website to help you make your egg hunt a meaningful activity, so let me tell you about the ones we used.  (All prices are current at time of publishing.) Obviously the most important thing is the Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs ($9.99).  The Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls ($4.29) are great for putting inside them to make it clear that this isn’t just another hunt for candy-filled eggs, glow-in-the-dark or not.  If you want to use the story, The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure, the print form of the book is available for $9.99, and there’s also an audiobook in mp4 format you can download for $2.99.

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide Curriculum ($14.99)is full of suggestions for a church-hosted event.  (Many of the ideas can also be adapted for family use).  It has printable invitations, decorations, coloring pages, themed snack suggestions (like torches made from pretzels and marshmallows), devotions, Easter party games and activities, and lots of tips for helping you plan a successful event for children and their families.  The website has a lot of ideas to check out as well.  I especially liked the page titled Egglo All-Year Round, which was full of suggestions to use the eggs in ways other than an Easter egg hunt.

Egglo Review

Our Experience with Egglo Entertainment 

The first thing we did read The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure.  The illustrations are colorful and fun, and while the story is a bit fantastic, the boys enjoyed the many different parts of the adventure as the characters visited Ancient Egypt, a sunken pirate ship, and an erupting volcano before ending up at a shining cross in a beautiful garden full of gentle animals living in harmony with one another.

Egglo1Later on we did an egg hunt in the dark.  I filled the eggs with the Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls and a couple small candies and then hid them in places where their glow would be sure to show once I turned out the lights and set the boys loose.  They loved seeing the light of the eggs around our living room and collecting them!   (I wish I knew more about photography so I could have done a better job capturing some of the fun moments.)  My kids especially loved the tiny scrolls, both because they’re such cute miniatures and because they’re like the scrolls in the book.  Different Bible verses pertaining to the gospel message, especially verses about Jesus as the Light of the World, are paraphrased on the scrolls.

Kids wanted to do the egg hunt over and over, but as the eggs lost their glow we had to wait until dark the next night.  (The eggs charge best in sunlight, taking about 20 minutes in direct exposure, but we found they really needed total darkness to glow well, which meant waiting until after the sun had gone down, which of course meant they lost some of their intensity.  We found it best to just charge them in our kitchen’s fluorescent lights instead for about 40 minutes and then turn out all the lights in the house, even covering up LED lights that interfered with the searching).  We did this every night for a week!  The three older kids delighted in taking turns hiding the eggs and then seeking them out, especially when my husband and I were the appointed “seekers.” (This program is ideal for roughly ages 4-13, but certainly it can be adapted to include other ages.  Arianna (2) was too little to get much out of the book and the scrolls, but she loved joining in with her brothers when it came to playing with the eggs and admiring the glow.)


We ended first egg hunt with a more solemn time of teaching as we read through the Bible verse on their scrolls and talked about what they mean.  Since my kids love listening to audiobooks as they go to sleep, the mp3 of the book was a great way to keep emphasizing the teaching about Jesus.  I also let the boys each take an egg into bed with them to enjoy its glow as they fell asleep (an idea I got from the Egglo All-Year Round page).

My favorite thing about the Egglo products is the message.  In world darkened by sin, we want to look for the light. Just as our children hunt for the glowing eggs in the dark, we hope they will seek out Jesus, the Light of the world.  Our family really enjoyed reading the story and playing with the eggs, but my prayer is that the message will stick in my children’s hearts so that whenever they remember the fun times we had, they will also remember the Truth that was represented by those glowing eggs.

Egglo Review

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