Long Story Short: The Lord Appears to Abraham

Last week in our journey through Long Story Short by Marty Machowski we continued with the story of Abraham, and we finally got to throw in a few of the “extras” we’d been having fun with in the first few weeks of this year’s Bible lessons.  We watched VeggieTales: Abe & the Amazing Promise (over and over!) and taught the boys how to sing “Father Abraham” with all the motions (a great tie-in to the night where the devotional talked about how Abraham’s promised descendants included not only his natural children, but also spiritual ones who share his faith).  They ask us to do the song almost every night during Bible time, but I can only handle such pre-bedtime craziness about once a week.

We also worked on a memory verse, summing up the last few weeks with a verse from Romans: “Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness.” Romans 4:3.  We got back to our reading practice by using the Bible memory verse cards I described in this post.  We also finally added another page to our Bible notebook.  (On one of our extra nights that didn’t have a devotional reading, we did a “review” and the boys went through each page of their notebooks, telling us what they remembered about that story.  Ian was excited to discover he could read all of the memory verses and begged to add another page so he could have more to read.)  I got the idea from Christian Preschool Printables, and just added a frame image and used glitter star stickers. (I had some trouble with the link to the file from the regular CPP site, but I managed to do a search and found that the links from this page work.)


And of course, we spent a lot of time on our “Listening Lesson”:

It was a little shorter than usual, but we’re running thin on Abraham material!  Still, as we discovered during our “review” night, both boys have been retaining a LOT of details about Abraham’s story because of how long we’re spending on it.  So I’m not going to worry about “extras” so much as we get through the rest of the story.


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  1. I never thought to have the kids listen to an audio Bible. What a great idea.
    And a hymn of the month, ooooooo, I like it!

    • I am amazed at what my 4-year old retains from listening to the audio Bible! Often he’ll retell me a Bible story and use many exact phrases from Scripture because that’s how he’s heard it over and over through the week. I love the Kids ESV from Faith Comes By Hearing. It’s not the complete Bible (cuts out some genealogies, etc.) but if anythings missing that I want to include I just go to their regular ESV Drama Bible. The kids one has songs that go along as well. If it’s not available on their website, try looking for it as an iTunes podcast. 🙂

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