Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness

It’s hard for me to believe we’re coming close to the end of our Fruit of the Spirit unit, but last week we finished up faithfulness, which only leaves us two more weeks to go!  To help Ian understand faithfulness, I defined it as “keeping your promise no matter what,” whether that be a promise to God or another person.  To illustrate this trait, we spent time talking about Ian’s favorite Bible story: Daniel in the lion’s den (found in Daniel 6).  Daniel chose to worship and pray to God alone, even when it meant he would probably be eaten by lions.  What a powerful picture of faithfulness!

For our Five in a Row book we spent the week with Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton, which I wrote about in a separate post.  Mike was faithful to Mary Anne, continuing to work with her when newer and better construction equipment took over most of the jobs.  He even stays with her at the end of the story, when she’s no longer used for digging.  It’s a great demonstration of being a faithful friend.

We spent a lot of time on Mike Mulligan, but somewhere in the course of the week we also watched one of the two episodes related to faithfulness on our Auto-B-Good DVD Fruits of the Spirit.

Auto-B-Good Faith Collection: Fruits of the Spirit

Our “listening lesson” was pretty long this week because we included a lot from a CD of  Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel from Maestro Classics, as well as some music from our first “composer study” (post coming on that soon).  Here’s the part related specifically to our faithfulness lesson:

We’re in the home stretch now!  Coming up next: Gentleness.  With two rambuctious little boys, this could be a challenge!


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