The Red Carpet

Our Before Five in a Row book this past week was The Red Carpet by Rex Parkin.  It seemed appropriate for the week when we were studying Palm Sunday, since they rolled out the red carpet for Jesus as He made His “triumphal entry” into Jerusalem.  Oh, wait.  That was cloaks and palm leaves.  Close enough.   It was still a fun read (one of our favorites from B4FIAR, I think).

The boys had fun driving their cars along a red ribbon (though I wish I’d checked the spool more carefully before I bought it–it wasn’t as long as I would have liked).


We spent a wonderful afternoon making pretzels together (in honor of Tony Tortoni’s pretzel cart that got upset when the carpet went whizzing past)!  There’s also a fun episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood that Ian adored (Vol.2 Episode 2 “How people make pretzels”, available streaming free for Amazon Prime members)


And as a special treat, the boys got “Red Carpet Candy.”  (Okay, it was “Fruit by the Foot.”  But it qualifies as candy in my book.)

Academically, I introduced Ian to the concept of counting by twos as we looked at pictures of the policemen riding their motorcycles in pairs.  He was a little confused by the way I was counting, so I explained.  I still don’t think he got it, but that’s okay.  He’s got plenty of time to figure it out.  I just wanted to put the idea in his head.

I also printed out a bunch of pages for Ian’s workbook from Homeschool Creations and the HomeSchool Share lapbook components.  They are just little extras he always enjoys when he gets a chance.  We didn’t get to everything this week, but I’ll just keep it in my Red Carpet file.  I’m sure we’ll row it again in a couple years!


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