Jesus Calms the Storm

“Peace, be still!” Jesus dramatically displayed his power in this week’s Bible story from the ABC Jesus Loves Me 3-Year Old Curriculum, Week 23 lesson plan.  The story is found in all the synoptic gospels, but we read it from Mark 4:35-41 because that’s where the picture was in Ian’s ESV Seek and Find BibleMy main objective this week was to help Ian understand the meaning of “peace.”

For once, Ian wasn’t eager to jump into our Bible story Monday morning.  I wasn’t going to push it, but then he saw The Story About Ping in our “school” basket (post coming soon!) and wanted me to read it.  I love our Five in a Row books, but I am determined to keep Bible as our top priority so I told him I would read it to him after we had read our Bible story.  Once I started reading it from his Bible, he forgot all about “Ping” for a while.  Instead, he raced to the flannel board set and had me read it again while he placed the pieces.  I think we did it three or four times before he felt ready to move on.  (And then Elijah, who had been listening to all this from the kitchen as he finished breakfast, had to come in and have a turn with the flannel board.)  Later that day I heard Ian telling Grandpa the story using the flannel board again.  In fact, he asked me to read the story from his Bible almost every day this week so he could act it out.  I think he liked the drama.

The “story” page in Ian’s Bible (a simple retelling that goes along with the picture) stated that Jesus was sleeping in the “back” of the boat.  I read that page to him first, but then every time afterward I read from the Mark passage, which used the term “stern.”  I was surprised that Ian caught the difference the very first time he heard the ESV version.  So I printed out a picture that helped us learn the basic parts of a boat.

Throughout the week, we read the story in The Beginner’s Bible (by Karyn Henley), The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes, The Rhyme Bible Storybookand Classic Bible Stories: A Family Treasury.   (I try to read from the ESV plus one Bible storybook each day.)  We also had a lot of reinforcement from our weekly iPod playlist:

For Ian’s Bible notebook page, we glued a simple boat craft on top of a page of blue “bubble painting.”  I mixed some bubble bath solution with blue paint powder in a pan.  Then Ian and I blew the bubbles up and repeatedly laid the paper on top to make prints.  When the whole page was covored we set it aside until it was dry enough to glue on the pieces of the boat.



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  1. Looks great! I switched up the ABCJLM outline a bit, but we had the same Bible story this week and I focused on boats with S for sails. I love the bubble-painting!

    • The bubble painting was definitely a hit here! My son loved this story, but he kept wanting to hear about Jesus walking on the water, so we’re going to throw that in next since Week 24 is a review.

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