My Newest “Favorite”: ReadingEggs!

So earlier this week I was skimming through my email, and I happened to notice an article about a website called  Normally, I probably would have just skipped it (I get tons of mail about homeschooling), but the subject line read, “Teach your child to read in 5 weeks.”  Ian had expressed some interest in reading a while back, and we’d tried the first few books from Progessive Phonics.  It wasn’t a good match for Ian (too easy in that he already knew the letters, too hard in that he wasn’t ready to blend sounds or write).  So I dropped it and never brought it up again.  Lately, however, he’s been showing lots of signs of reading readiness (trying to read his books himself, asking what signs say everywhere we go), so the email caught my eye and I thought we’d give it a try.

I was AMAZED by Reading Eggs!  I signed up for their free trial period (14 days), and Ian got started right away.  I think he did 3 “lessons” that first day, and by the end of it he was recognizing his first couple sight words (“I,” “am,” and “Sam”).  The second day he was back at it and finished the day being able to read, ” at,” “cat,” “bat,” “rat,” and “fat”.  I was blown away, and he was SO proud of himself!

I am so impressed with this program.  It teaches both phonics and sight words.  It shows children how to form letters properly while not requiring them to write.  (Ian’s fine motor skills aren’t quite ready for that.)  Ian knew all his letters going in, but it wouldn’t have been a problem if he didn’t.  The only skill required is being able to use a mouse.  Recognizing numerals is also helpful.  There is enough repetition that Ian feels confident and is able to play on his own, yet enough variety in the many different activities that it keeps his interest.  Elijah’s not ready for the program, but he’s learning a lot too just by hanging over Ian’s shoulder as he plays.  (We’ve gone WAY beyond our normal “screentime” allowance for the last couple days, but I find this a worthy exception!)

There are also rewards for all the hard work in the “lessons.”  Ian loves the activities in the “playroom,” and he’s enjoyed spending the golden eggs he earns during the lessons on fun games in the arcade.  (Users can also “buy” things for their “houses” with the eggs.)

I cannot speak highly enough about the website.   We used some promo codes to extend our trial period, but if Ian’s still enjoying it and learning when that’s over, I won’t hesitate to pay for a subscription.

Want to try it?  Head on over to and sign up for your FREE 14-day trial.  Enter promo code USC27LAU to extend that another 21 days.  That’s 5 WEEKS of free reading lessons!  I hope you love them as much as we do! [I’ve been told that this code has expired.]


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