Back to School soon!

After our Baby/Holiday break, we are ready to find a new groove and get back to school.  (At least I am!)  It seems like so long since we’ve done anything intentional as far as work.  Ian’s forgotten most of his Bible verses.  He never asks for his flannel board Bible stories anymore.  He’s only asked for his workbook once in the last 6 weeks.  Was everything we’ve done for naught?  No.  I know once we get back in the habit of doing preschool that it will all come back.  And I think we’ll probably revisit all the Bible stories we’ve done in a year or so when Elijah’s ready, so I’m trying not to feel like we’re starting back at square one.

We haven’t been completely idle during our hiatus.  Our lessons have just taken on a little different flavor.  Allow me to introduce our main subject: Arianna Joy.  The boys are absolutely in love with her, and she has taught them so much about caring for others, putting their needs ahead of your own, and sharing.  I know that sounds like I’m just putting a positive spin on things, but I’m completely in earnest.  I have been so amazed at how positive the transition has been.  In the month since Arianna was born, we haven’t had a single episode of resentment or jealousy.  Instead the boys fawn over their sister, comforting her when she cries, singing to her, talking to her, taking turns holding her all day long, waiting patiently for what they want while I tend to her needs… I know such utter bliss won’t last forever, but I’m enjoying this “honeymoon” period and encouraging the relationship-building as much as I can.  My heart was melting this morning as Ian cuddled Arianna on the couch and was able to get her to stop crying with his hugs and soothing words.

I had prepared a number of “schoolish” activities for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we ended up just mostly reading books.  Maybe next year I’ll share a list for each holiday, because I was really pleased with some of the ones I found.  (But right now, after the fact, I’m just not inspired enough to ignore the hungry babe on my lap to track them all down.)  Now I’m packing up the books and activities (many of which we never got around to), feeling very prepared for next year already.

We’ve enjoyed the change of pace, but it will be good to get back into our routine next week.  I have a few books in mind for January, but I think we’ll start with Bible to make sure that remains our top priority.  We’ll be jumping back in with the Bible lessons from the ABC Jesus Loves Me 3-Year Old Curriculum, moving on to the New Testament.  (Yay for Jesus stories!)


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