King David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem

This week we talked about David finally becoming the King of Israel years after God chose him, and I also included the story of how he had the ark brought to Jerusalem.  We had a busy week so we didn’t spend as much time as usual on “school,” but I didn’t want to skip the week altogether so we just did what we could.  I really want Bible study to be the most important part of our days, even at this young age, and I think we’re already starting to see the fruit from that priority.  Last night Ian pulled his “real” Bible (not a story book) off the shelf and pretended to read it, first to me, then to Daddy.  He retold several stories and asked us to help him learn how to read the letters.  I love that his desire to learn to read has first manifested in a hunger for the Word of God.

With our flannel board set I adapted the story to fit our needs.  I wasn’t thrilled with the way it was told in Betty Lukens: Through the Bible in Felt.  I also didn’t like using the same “king” figure that we just used for King Saul, so I chose a man that looked similar to the figure we’d been using for David as a boy, then added a crown from another story.  As always Ian enjoyed acting out the story over and over, especially the part where Uzzah reached out to steady the ark and died.

I loved the pictures in our Bible storybooks showing the scene as the ark was bring carried to Jerusalem, especially in The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes (the original version) and Classic Bible Stories: A Family Treasury.  They just captured the spirit of celebration as people danced and played on their instruments along with the procession while at the same time showing their reverence for the holiness of the moment.  We also read about David becoming king in The Beginner’s Bible (by Karyn Henley).

For our Bible Notebook this week, we used glitter paint on this picture of the ark of the covenant (as well as a fun “do not touch” reminder I found on Google images).  There’s no memory verse on it because we’re finishing up with Psalm 23, which Ian’s done really well with!


I didn’t make an iPod playlist this week, but we listened to lots of children’s worship CD’s and celebrated with our musical instruments to get into the mood of the story.  Some of our favorites are from the Great Big God series from Vineyard Records UK, especially the volume 1 and volume 3.  They’re aimed at older kids, though there’s also a CD for preschoolers (we just don’t have it).



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