Speak, Lord, for your servant hears!

This week we continued learning about prayer through the story of Samuel as planned for us in the ABC Jesus Loves Me 3-Year Old Week 15 lesson plan.  I love that between the week on Samuel’s birth and this week on him as a boy, we learned both about presenting our requests to God and listening for his voice—both such important parts of our prayer lives!

Ian had a lot of fun this week playing with our flannel board set.  I just left it out all week and he kept coming back to it, usually asking me to tell the story as he manipulated the pieces to act it out.  I am SO glad that I went ahead and bought this great resource!  It seemed expensive at first, but it was worth every penny.  (And I used money from our tax return so it wouldn’t cut into our normal budget.)  It has been such a great investment, even if none of our other kids ever get as into it as has Ian.  It brings the stories to life and allows him to re-enact them over and over, planting Bible truths deep in his heart.  I highly recommend the Betty Lukens small deluxe set!

For our Bible verse, I deviated from the ABCJLM plan and went with 1 Samuel 3:10, which we sang to the tune of “Mary had a little Lamb.”

“Speak, Lord for your servant hears, servant hears, servant hears.  Speak, Lord for your servant hears.  First Samuel 3 verse 10.”

For our Bible notebook, I was inspired by one of the ideas from the ABCJLM lesson plan.  She had links to some print-outs of large ears, but instead of stapling them to a headband, I printed out a picture of Ian’s face and had him color the ears and glue them next to the picture along with the Bible verse.

We watched Samuel the Boy Prophet from Nest Entertainment’s “Animated Stories from the Bible” series.  (These DVD’s are great, but rather expensive for our budget, but sometimes you can find cheaper copies on Amazon marketplace.  I also discovered that they are shown on TBN and BYU’s satellite stations, so I took advantage of Grandma and Grandpa’s DVR and set it to record every episode.  Then I made note of what we have so I can use them when the appropriate stories come up in the curriculum.)

On our iPod playlist this week:

A few final words on ABC Jesus Loves Me.    Although I mainly use the Bible element of the curriculum there is SO much more to each lesson if you’re looking for ideas of how to teach your child all the basics.  And there’s now a whole schoolyear’s worth of curriculum for 2-year olds!  I love it because it’s not a structured program (which I don’t think is appropriate for little ones) but rather just a thoughtfully prepared plan for introducing all the sorts of things you want your child to know.  I would have loved to have this when Ian was two!  (I don’t know that I’ll use it with my younger ones simply because I think it will be easier to let them just tag along with my plans for Ian.)  My main goal in teaching during these “preschool” ages is to be intentional with giving the kids things to learn and filling their hearts with God’s Word.  This curriculum helps me in fulfilling that goal better than I could have dreamed.  I am so thankful for all the work “Momma C” has put into all three years of ABC Jesus Loves Me!


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  1. I absolutely love the picture idea with the ears glued to the side. It’s adorable and would go great with our Sunday School Lesson this week. Would you mind if I used your picture to post on my blog as an example? I would make sure you get all credit and have all links come back to your site. Thank you so much!

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