Free is GOOD!

Just thought I’d take a minute to pass along a few of my favorite spots online for finding FREE ways to enrich our homeschool experience.  is a wonderful blog that daily posts free resources for homeschoolers.  If I see something that interests me, even if it’s too advanced for my children, I usually go ahead and download it to have available in the future.

Sometimes those freebies are from, but I like to check that site out directly as well.  I’ve found several fun ideas here, some for preschool, some for later on. is probably the site I use most regularly at the stage we’re in (and I anticipate it remaining so for the next couple years as we continue using Five in a Row).  It’s a great place for unit study resources, especially those that are literature based.

As far as curriculum, obviously we get tons of great preschool ideas from, but I also love AmblesideOnline (as I’ve written about before).  Most of it is geared toward kids older than mine (elementary on up), but the preschool/Kindergarten booklist and suggestions are a wonderful resource.  Learning about the Charlotte Mason method has also really helped shape my vision for our homeschooling journey. I realize not everyone is as nuts about books as I am and AO is definitely not a “school at home” type of curriculum.  Check out this post from that discusses several options available for free online.

I know there’s a lot more out there, but these are sites I access regularly for great free ideas, so I thought I’d pass them along 🙂


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  1. Our kids links page seems to get passed around quite a bit on facebook. Not all of these are educational, but most of them are, and free. 🙂

    I know you’ve been there before, Deanna, but I thought anyone stumbling on this post later would find it useful.

    • Yes, we love some of your links. Ian’s favorite sites online are Starfall, Peep and the Big Wide World, and MightyBooks, Jr. (which we got a free subscription to for a year). He could spend hours on all of them!

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