Karen and Kids Podcast

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for fun new ways to plant Scriptural truths in your children’s hearts.  One of the fun ways I’ve found to to this is through a podcast (fronm a radio program) called Karen & Kids, which I stumbled across on iTunes last year.  Ian LOVES it!  Each episode is about 14 minutes long, including songs and discussion between Karen Mortimer (a songwriter) and a group of children about a Bible story or particular spiritual principle.  The songs are also available on CD, but the discussion is something you just don’t find very often, so I really appreciate the whole show.

My favorite thing about Karen & Kids is the way she speaks to the kids at their level without being the least bit condescending.  She’s always very respectful, and I love hearing the kids’ thoughts on the stories.  The one thing I would change about the show is the song choice.  Karen has written many fun songs for kids, some of them about the Bible and spiritual matters, others about random things (like the Chesapeake Bay, a wiggly tooth,  and a “Ladybug Picnic”).  The songs are fun, but they often don’t relate to the main topic of the day, and since we’re listening mainly for the Christian content I tend to get impatient for those songs to be over.  Still, they do help convey the message that spiritual matters are not to be segregated from the rest of our lives, so I keep my thoughts on those songs to myself and just let the boys enjoy listening.

One final thought.  I download every episode and save them so I can use them in my iPod playlists as they correspond to our Bible lessons.  Just adds a little something special to our week!


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